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Engineering for the Future

Booth & Associates was founded in 1960 and has provided quality solutions to over 300 clients in 38 states.

Booth finds the most innovative and progressive client solutions available.

At Booth & Associates, we owe our industry-leading reputation as consulting engineers to a consistent and progressive approach to projects. We hire exceptional people who demonstrate potential to grow, and our company culture reflects that. We thrive because our culture is based on internally sharing technical knowledge and experience to better anticipate client needs.



Booth & Associates has specialized in all aspects of overhead and underground distribution design for more than 50 years. We've built an industry-leading reputation for high quality and efficient designs that encompass the full range of complexity. Along with our many successful projects, Booth frequently offers workshops and innovation seminars, solidifying our reputation as a recognized leader in distribution line design.



At Booth & Associates, our goal is to proactively address the rapidly expanding environmental field. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the most current state rules and regulations, as well as our knowledge of county, city, and local programs.

Our diverse team has many years of experience in permitting, surveying, design and analysis, and continues to expand with the most current technology and information available.


Fiber Optic

Booth & Associates is proud to offer engineering services to help clients meet their growing demand for high speed fiber optic communications systems. With a decade of experience in the design of fiber optic systems for utilities, we can help you select the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your particular needs.

Our project experience ranges from the design of new transmission and substation facilities with fiber optics, to the retrofitting of existing transmission, distribution, substations, and office buildings with fiber optic facilities. At Booth, our multi-disciplined staff and extensive software library allow us to assist our clients with each stage of their project.


Financial and Strategic Planning

Our diversified financial services address a broad range of needs specific to utility industries, including power supply and transmission, utility cost-of-service, rates, financing, feasibility analysis, and regulatory support. Services to clients in more recent years have expanded to include electric system reliability, plant valuation, electric system acquisition, renewable energy compliance, and operations efficiency.

Our staff focuses attention on our clients’ increasingly complex financial assistance needs. Our firm's combination of highly qualified financial and engineering resources makes us uniquely qualified in many areas to successfully address the specialized needs of the utilities industry.



The Generation division of Booth & Associates is exceptional. Our team has extensive experience to fully address the scope of any generation project, whether it is a new install or retooling existing generation equipment. We can assist with services for any size project; from providing backup power, to peak shaving for a facility, to multiple units tied into the local distribution or transmission system power grid.


Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems Group brings state-of-the-art hardware and software together with an experienced staff of project managers, I.T. professionals, designers, and technicians to provide a comprehensive business, E & O, and GIS solutions.

Each project has a strong emphasis on quality, project management, service and training. We have successfully served the electric utility community’s mapping needs for more than a half century and continue our commitment to client satisfaction and service. We are proud of the national recognition for quality and professionalism that is associated with the name of Booth & Associates.



Since our founding, Booth & Associates has been known industry-wide as a top firm in traditional utilities engineering. As renewable energy sources have become a more viable option, Booth has become increasingly competitive in this growing field. We have integrated alternate resource specialists in Solar, Biomass, Wind Energy, and Geothermal into an area of Booth expertise. 

As the role of renewable energy increases, innovations focused on renewable energy technologies have significant future potential. The role of renewable energy is expected to increase significantly, with greater contributions to power generation. Correspondingly, our expertise in alternative energy sources has grown, especially into the areas of solar farms and biomass technologies.



Booth & Associates offers an extensive list of Structural Engineering services. Our Booth team can fully calculate how different materials will perform under stresses such as compression, tension, bending, and twisting, as well as under various environmental conditions in order to predict how these materials will perform over time.



Booth’s Substation and Relaying Division capabilities span all aspects of design and installation assistance, including structural, electrical, civil, relay and control systems to full procurement and contract administration.

Booth has been actively involved in the design, procurement and construction administration, as well as the testing and energization of station facilities since we opened our doors in 1960. We are proud to still have municipal electric systems, rural electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities among our valued clients.

Our designs include: industrial service substations, distribution substations, generation substations, and transmission step-down and switching stations. We assess each project to determine the requirements, and then dedicate the necessary resources and expertise to meet project goals.


System Planning

Our System Planning and Power Quality Division offers a full range of system studies that assist clients in operating an efficient, reliable and financially viable system. With every project, we incorporate the principles outlined in our nationally published manuals and seminars, ensuring we will meet and enhance your long-term competitive position.



Booth & Associates has been providing transmission line design services to the electric utility industry for more than 50 years and is a recognized leader in the field by focusing on the most efficient ways to minimize loss.  While we have gained expertise in designing steel, concrete, and wood structures, our primary focus is always eliminating the design issues that affect maximum efficiency.


Who We Serve

  • Investor Owned Utilities (13)
  • Electric Cooperatives (74)
  • Electric Municipalities (45)
  • Industrial (8)
  • Renewable Energy (6)
  • State/Federal Entities (12)