PrimeLine subsidiaries provide construction, maintenance, emergency response, engineering and professional services to utility and telecommunication clients across North America. Our subsidiaries share talent, technology, equipment and best practices to create a single source solution when customer needs demand a wider range of capabilities. In their local markets, our subsidiaries continue providing the
exceptional customer service for which they are known.

Booth & Associates

A consulting engineering company providing professional engineering, design and financial services to investor-owned utilities cooperatives and municipalities across North America.


Headquarters - Raleigh, NC

Bowlin Group

A power and communication services company specializing in distribution power line construction, maintenance, emergency response, telecommunications and broadband services in the tri-states area of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Headquarters - Walton, KY

Chain Electric

An electric utility services company providing superior services with uncompromising safety, quality and efficiency for customers across the Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States.

Headquarters - Hattiesburg, MS

C.W. Wright

An electric utility construction company providing transmission, substation, distribution and emergency response services in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States. 

Precision Pipeline Solutions

A natural gas distribution and electric utility speciality contractor providing construction, maintenance, emergency response and a host of technical maintenance, inspection and professional services in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States

Safeway Construction

An innovative infrastructure services provider to gas utilities and developers in the greater New York metropolitan area.