Professional Services


PrimeLine provides industry leading engineering solutions to investor-owned utilities, electric municipalities, electric cooperatives, industries, universities, and State and Federal agencies. Our engineering solutions emphasize personal service as the key to delivering quality consulting, engineering and management services.

Over the past 55 years, we have developed a thorough understanding of the utility business: where it’s been and where it’s going. Always looking ahead, we make it our business to develop future utility technologies, efficient designs and cost saving innovations. We continually expand our knowledge base, hone our skills and think creatively to better serve our customers.

Our customers know that they can rely on our teams to combine technology, experience, comprehensive project management, cost control and overall quality in every project.

Engineering Services

  • Distribution
  • Environmental
  • Fiber Optic
  • Financial and Strategic Planning
  • Generation
  • Surveying/Geographic Information Systems
  • Renewables/Energy
  • Structural
  • Substation/Relay
  • System Planning
  • Transmission

Professional Support Services

PrimeLine works with utilities to consolidate mutual resources to efficiently complete field activities. Our internal professional support resources assist with contract management, from program management through engineering and clerical support. We leverage our network of utility industry experts to bring subject matter expertise to each customer project while enhancing overall safety and quality.

Customized Programs and Position Examples

  • Stray Voltage Program Manager
  • Field Dispatch and Workflow Manager
  • Gas Improvement Project Design Engineer
  • Construction Project Inventory Coordinator
  • PCS System Analyst
  • Paving/Restoration Program Oversight

Professional Support Services

  • Program Management
  • Design/Engineering
  • Fieldwork Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Scheduling Customer Appointments
  • Database Reconciliation
  • Data Entry/Management
  • Paper Records Management
  • Client Field Software Use
  • Field Rechecks of Work Orders
  • Paving/Restoration Program Supervision
  • As-Built and Service Drawings
  • Inventory/Storeroom Support
  • DIMP Execution/Auditing
  • Management Audits
  • Third Party Oversight/Damage Mitigation
  • ArcGIS Program Support

Survey & Inspection Services

PrimeLine delivers all the data and resources customers need to maintain their critical infrastructure. We partner with utilities to complement and extend of their internal staff to complete high volumes of regulatory compliance inspections, recurring testing and surveys, in-situ repairs and other support services.

Inspection Services

  • Leak Survey
  • Riser Compliance and Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Electric Facility Inspection
  • Stray Voltage Survey
  • Cathodic Protection Testing and Troubleshooting

Customer Services

  • Gas and Electric Meter Reading
  • Customer Service Disconnects
  • Collection Services and Turn-Ons

Turnkey Services

  • Storm Response Support
  • Contingency Support
  • Data Management
  • Integration with other Technical Service Offerings

In-Situ Repairs

  • Riser Coating
  • CP Repair and Anode Installation
  • Electric Safety Guard and Pole Tag

Meter Services

Utility customers rely on Primeline to complement their internal customer service staff by completing high volumes of meter reading, collection, disconnect and other support services. With services ranging from AMR/ERT exchange to highly sensitive bypass jobs to relights, our team is trained to meet customer needs and requirements.

Meter Exchange Services

  • Program Meter Exchange
    • Class 50 to 38M and Turbines
  • AMR/ERT Installations
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Mechanic Dispatch
  • Bypass and CNG “Bottle” Jobs
  • New Service Turn-Ons
  • Emergency Response
  • Leak and Odor Response
  • Customer Relights
  • Service Disconnects
  • Meter Set Leak Survey and Repair
  • BOPA, Vault and Main Valve Inspections

Meter Reading Services

  • Gas and Electric Meter Reading
  • Customer Service Disconnects
  • Collection Services and Turn-Ons
  • Storm Response Support
  • Contingency Support

Data Management

Advanced technologies are critical to delivering accurate data and high quality reporting capabilities. Our teams use next generation technologies and custom software to improve all aspects of data management, such as creating efficiencies, preventing data entry errors, and better managing, tracking, scheduling and reporting real-time information to and from customer systems.