Broadband and Fiber Services

Primeline has a wide array of project experience delivering broadband, fiber optic, and wireless infrastructure construction, maintenance and engineering projects in any type of environment.

Broadband and Fiber Optic Infrastructure Services

  • Coaxial Construction and Maintenance
  • Copper Phone Line Construction, Splicing and Punch Down
  • Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing
  • Underground Plant Construction
  • Overhead Line Construction
  • ADSS/OPGW Installation
  • Power Supply, Node Installation and Maintenance
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Head End Wiring and Termination

Fiber Optic Engineering Services

  • Aerial ADSS Design
  • Underground Fiber Design
  • Inside Plant Design
  • SCADA Communications Systems
  • Retrofitting Existing Systems
  • Structural Analysis of Existing Joint-Use Systems

Telecommunication Services

  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Construction
  • Tower Erection and Maintenance
  • Roof-Top Sites and Co-Locations
  • Microwave Installations
  • Cell Technician Resources
  • 3G/4G/LTE
  • Generator Installation and Repair
  • DC Plant Installation and Maintenance
  • Emergency and Disaster Recovery

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