Natural Gas

Natural Gas Services

PrimeLine’s gas subsidiaries deliver comprehensive, high quality natural gas construction and maintenance services. Our personnel are operator-qualified and experienced in all aspects of gas pipeline installations and repairs. Our natural gas construction services were founded in the highly sensitive leak pinpointing and repair activities, which require a high degree of technical skill and system understanding.

Our services are complemented by our technical expertise in pressure control, coatings and compliance inspections. Customers rely on us for both installation and assistance with the continued regulatory compliance and management of critical pipeline infrastructure.

Natural Gas Construction Services

  • Pipeline Installation, Maintenance and Repair (Main/Service – Plastic/Steel/Cast Iron)
  • Turnkey Leak Repair
  • Station Fabrication/Installation
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Pipe Insertion
  • Hydro Testing, Pressure Testing, Purging and Start-up
  • Welding
  • Open Cut or Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Oil to Gas Conversion Services
    • Project Management
    • Sales
    • Drafting/Design
    • Plumber Coordination
    • Installation

Natural Gas Technical Services

PrimeLine’s natural gas technical services subsidiaries have proven experience delivering comprehensive services that exceed pipeline operators’ needs as well as meet regulatory compliance requirements. Our broad capabilities enable us to perform many of the system operations that utilities have historically performed internally, and our service offerings range from hands-on fieldwork to DIMP program consulting.

Natural Gas Technical Services

  • Pressure Control System Troubleshooting
  • Annual Performance Testing (APTs)
  • Regulator, Monitor, Relief Valve Testing and Setting
  • Regulator/Relief Rebuilds
  • Regulator Station Design/Build
  • Odorizer Maintenance
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Propane/Mixed Air System Maintenance
  • Electronic/Paper Recorder Install/Maintenance
  • Integrity Management Consultation
  • System Assessment
  • Practice Review and Audit
  • Leak Survey and Repair
  • Valve Inspection Maintenance/Greasing
  • Cathodic Protection Testing/Troubleshooting
  • CP System Design/Build
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Metering Station Design/Build
  • Emergency Response and Training

Oil to Gas Conversion Services

PrimeLine partners with utilities to provide process management and staffing services for natural gas conversions. As our utility customers grow their natural gas market share, we develop collaborative solutions customized to the needs of each customer.

Oil to Gas Services

  • Natural Gas Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support
  • Call Center
  • Main and Service Installation
  • Job Estimating
  • Staffing Support

Emergency Response Management

Utilities rely on PrimeLine’s highly dedicated teams for support during natural disasters and storm events to do whatever it takes. We take a structured yet flexible approach to emergency response management (ERM). Our services range from on-call odor responders to full-scale deployments depending on the nature of the emergency or event. Our field supervisors double as ERM supervisors, combining their knowledge of gas systems with the level-headedness of situation controllers. We create a client and/or situation-specific guidebook outlining the appropriate response for storms or natural disasters.

Emergency Response Management Services

  • Command and Control
  • Communications
  • Staging
  • Staffing and Equipment